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The Enforex Advantage

Many schools claim to have comprehensive study programs and materials and qualified professors. Yet most only have outdated, irrelevant books, unprofessional teachers that are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the exam and poor home study materials. Don´t be fooled by their fancy names, study with a name you can trust -- Enforex.

Below are a few of the many Enforex advantages you'll enjoy when you study with us:

Study Materials

All students receive an interactive CD Rom along with their Course and Home Study books, all published by Enforex U.S.A. TOEFL students receive audio cassettes to practice the listening portion of the exam.

Computer-based Teaching
Thanks to modern technology, students can study outside of class not only with the aforementioned books and CDs, but also in our computer lab with our state of the art testing software. You can study the specific areas that give you the most difficulty, and benefit from the ELLIS software system that adapts the questions it gives based on your knowledge level.

Video Classes
If you must miss a class, or would like to review certain topics, you can watch a video of that class in our computer lab at anytime.

In addition to your own Course and Home Study books and CD Rom, we have a Enforex library well-equipped with additional practice exams, study questions, videos, tapes, CDs, and tutorials.

Qualified Professors
Unlike in other academies, Enforex offers highly qualified professors that are experts in their fields. Professors must have achieved a minimum of 95% on the exam that they teach, and they have all undergone an extensive Enforex training program. Our professors offer students more expertise and experience than any other school!

Flexible Schedules
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If you are not a resident of Madrid, you may also request housing for the duration of your study period. For more information about this option, please contact us.

Enforex Madrid
C/ Baltasar Gracián, 4
28015 Madrid
(semiesquina Alberto Aguilera, 21 - ICADE)
Tel: (91) 547 48 52
Fax: (91) 594 51 59
E-Mail: madrid@enforex.es

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